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Intro & Rep

This course will provide a deep dive into the fundamentals of the Meisner approach, focusing on building quality repetition skills and demonstrating how these skills can positively impact various aspects of acting training and rehearsal.

Fundamentally consent based, it will delve into ideas of honest impulse, empathy and emotional connection.

**Prices and Payment:**

  • Standard price: £220.

  • Deposit: Transfer £100 and email us the confirmation. The deposit balance should be paid before the first day of the course. (If you need a payment plan, please contact us to discuss)

  • Single payment price: £210 if the entire amount is deposited upfront.

  • Further deduction: £200 if you introduce a friend who enrolls in the course.

Payments via Bank Transfer or Email

In Person Training

Six in-person training sessions. Two hours and 45 minutes each. The sessions include theory/methodology tutorials, guided emotional preparation exercises, and an introduction to Sanford Meisner’s famous repetition scale, from a deeply experienced entrained Meisner practitioner with a professional background in performance and direction. 


Elective Zoom Sessions

Each course comes with two elective zoom training opportunities to provide support and advice on digital training and self-guided actor training. These sessions are scheduled based on average availability of both instructor and students.


Personal Feedback & Guidance

Each student will be provided a 15 minute 1:1 feedback and advice session in which they can reflect on the process so far and what steps they may take in the future.


Free Drop-in Oppertunity

Each student, on completion of the course, will be offered one free attendance ticket to any Meisner based drop-in session being held by Body Mind Voice.

Terms & Conditions Apply To All Training Courses. 
By enrolling you agree to the following...
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