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Film Production & Editing      

Writing & Pre-Production  -  Shooting  -  Editing  -  Direction 
Fight & Safety Coordination

Cockneys vs Zombies - Feature Film.    

Lead Fight Coordinator / Safety

PACEY Local - Part of a series of 12 videos for client.

Writer, Director, Editor

Double The Fist - TV Action Comedy Series  

Head of Safey & Fight Director - Full Series

Actor Record - Behind the scenes doc for New Edan.

Writer, Director, Editor

Domestic - Short Film.       Story & Concept collaborator

Co-Fight Coordinator               Original Stage Director

Orphan vs Family - Buzz Feed style Comedy Video

Co-Producer, Director, Editor


1994          Basic Certificate - Tom Dunstan & Marcus Hogan SAFDi

1995/96    Intermediate & Advanced Certificate – Steve Douglas Craig, Scott Witt, Nigel Poulton

1996-00    Instructor & Choreographic Assistantships - Steve Douglas Craig, Scott Witt, Nigel Poulton

1998          Re-trained Intermediate Certificate, Instructor & Examiner Cert Approved, Supervised Fight Direction Approved

2000          Re-Trained Advanced Certificate, Fight Direction Workshop I – Independent & Approved Theatre Only

2003          Fight Director Workshop II – Full Professional Theatre Qualification

2008          Nominated to the International Fight Directors Guild (IFDG)


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