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**Prices and Payment:**

  • Booking by Application 

         (for balanced representation in class)

  • Standard Fee: £450

  • Book with 30% Deposit.

  • Payment plans available on application

Via Negativa !

From Process to Action

Meisner/Grotowski Cross

Discipline, WorkShop

A cross disciplined collaboration workshop between Lawrence Carmichael and Andrew Darren Elkins, that fuses the perfect complementary nature of the approaches, ripe to be tapped within the work of Grotowski and Meisner when it comes to Actor development.
Unlock the full potential of your craft as the world of Meisner and Grotowski converge in an immersive WorkShop experience. Here you will bring the body, mind, and voice together to optimally, explore the whole instrument of the actor, in a way that is holistic, deeply, engaging and practical.
Via Negativa is the journey in which the actor works towards discovering and overcoming the blocks that stand between them and full psychophysical connection. to quote Jerzey Grotowski; it is the "elimination of all organic and technical barriers, freeing oneself of all preconceptions, and prejudices, which would destroy the organic unity of the person in action"  The work of Meisner and Grotowski come together in perfect celebration of this. 
During these sessions, the Actors will work intensively with Lawrence and Andrew's practice under mutual coaching to deepen and expand their full connection to their craft. The full scale of the Actors process will be explored through psychophysical training and the execution of texts and scenes. 

In Person Training

Twelve in-person training sessions. Four hours each. The sessions include vocal and physical training, theory/methodology tutorials, guided emotional preparation training, exploration of repetition scales as well as Grotowski based physical training concepts. 


Scene & Text Work

Participants will also engage in in-depth text exploration and application. Multiple scenes will be explored culminating in final studio performance. 


Personal Feedback & Guidance

Each student will be provided a 15 minute 1:1 feedback and advice session in which they can reflect on the process so far and what steps they may take in the future.


Free Drop-in Oppertunity

Each student, on completion of the course, will be offered ONE free attendance ticket to any Meisner based drop-in session being held by Body Mind Voice during the training, and access to ongoing drop-in sessions upon completion of the course.

Terms & Conditions Apply To All Training Courses. 
By enrolling you agree to the following...
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