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**Prices and Payment:**

  • Play Price: £20

  • Observer Price - £7.50 (two only)

  • No Previous Meisner Training Required.

  • Free drop-Ins packaged within courses.

Actor Drop-Ins
Get Sharp - Stay Sharp

Always be running warm – always ready!


Get connection and focused deep training in a playful, supportive and social environment. 




Scene Study

Shakespeare / Classical Theatre

Singing - Opera / Musical Theatre

Audition Preparation

Show development

Self tapes under guidance

No formal background in Meisner training required. 


Non-Meisner trained Actors, possibly may not engage in repetition and improvisation, but should bring any kind of written work that they would like to explore. 

Terms & Conditions Apply To All Training Courses. 
By enrolling you agree to the following...
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