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The Break Up Autopsy
By Brett Snellgrove

The Etcetera Theatre,
October 2018


"A definite mood changer, worthy of every laugh and applause it received"

The Spy In The Stalls

"The Break-up Autopsy" marked the opening season of a new work by Brett Snelgrove, delving into the complexities of young love and relationships for twenty-somethings. The play explored the chaos of relationships, the messiness of intertwining connections, and the dramatic aftermath of breakups. It posed questions familiar to those in that age group: When is a breakup truly final? What led to the chaos? And who could have foreseen the trouble?


The play itself was nonlinear, starting with one of the final moments and weaving backward and forward in time, dissecting the social dynamics of a group of friends and their internal relationships.


Wild in its behaviour, sassy, and outrageous, the production featured a vivacious and daring cast. With predominantly minimal sets and a focus on physicality, staging utilized all parts of the theatre, enveloping the audience in the experience.


Working closely with the cast and developing the first production of this new script hand-in-hand with the writer was a deeply rewarding experience for me.


The production received excellent reviews, elicited high audience response, and enjoyed a sellout season at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden.

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