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Street Songs-A Buskers Tale
By Brett Snellgrove

The Golden Goose Theatre,
16th - 27th April 2024

Actor musician production. - new work.


"Street Songs" marked my second collaboration with Brett Snellgrove, an actor-musician, exploring the culture of street performance and busking in London while delving into the processing of grief and recovery from family loss.


This highly skill-based production required a male actor-singer-guitarist and a female actor-singer-street drummer. Music played constantly throughout the performance, underscoring free-form acting and monologues taken verbatim from the playwright's experience of losing his father to cancer.


The production involved constant devising and exploration of various known songs for street performance, coaching actors through musical engagement, and presenting a wild and raw piece of theatre aimed at giving the audience a direct and up-close experience of busker culture and street performance.


Directing this production showcased my abilities in coaching and directing actors in performance and music, as well as physical interaction with the musician-theatre.


It was a delight to work on a new script again in collaboration with Brett Snellgrove, a talented and bold writer.


The production featured Ollie West, a fresh graduate from Philippe Gaulier's clown training in Paris, bringing a fresh and vibrant energy to the performance, along with Evie Wright, a fresh graduate from Rose Bruford’s MA course in actor-musicianship.


"Street Songs" was boisterous, explosive, and chaotic—a rocking rollick through London and an exploration of grief, love, and family relationships.

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