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Andrew Darren Elkins

Capturing the influence of Lawrence Carmichael is challenging, as his impact on myself and other artists transcends words. In both the personal and professional realms, Lawrence's presence radiates a supreme level of expertise, fuelling the creative process for actors and directors alike. He is an indispensable part of our industry in both production and training environments whether that be as an actor, director, trainer, fight coordinator or intimacy director.


What sets Lawrence apart is not just his knowledge, but his innate ability to bring the best out of those around him. I've witnessed firsthand his talent for facilitating creative processes, striking the perfect balance between encouragement, firm guidance and empathetic support.


Inadvertently, he has had a profound impact on my practice and the development of my craft.  

Larissa Pinkham.jpg

Larissa Pinkham

Lawrence's classes are brilliant. He is truly invested in helping each actor achieve their full potential.

His vast knowledge across multiple different acting & storytelling techniques provides a very practical approach to the Meisner Technique. 


Becky Norton

Working with Lawrence is a full body and mind work out… in the very best way!  His classes are always dynamic, challenging and a lot of fun.  I have loved working with Lawrence over the past few years and his detailed direction on finding the physicality of a character have been transformative.  If I could be in a rehearsal room with Lawrence 7 days a week I would!


Hraban Luyat

"Lawrence Carmichael lives at that rare intersection of passion, skill, and ability to articulate his ideas. Working with Lawrence is a unique experience that makes you remember why you love acting, and why you originally got into this business."

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