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Random Acts of Shakespeare 

Bath Literacy Festival

"Random Acts of Shakespeare" was a commissioned piece for the Bath Literary Festival, envisioned as the most theatrical and lively installation at the event. Embracing the festival's theme of love and love stories, it took on a heavily clown-based, magazine-style theatrical approach, flowing in no discernible order but leaping from scene to scene based on thematic moments or internal triggers.


With heavy use of Bouffon clown stylisation and makeup, performers seamlessly moved between scenes, entering at one point and crossing over into parallel scenes from the Shakespearean Canon. It served as both a joyous celebration and ridicule of love in all its forms, from the righteous to the misdirected.


Performed at various venues in Bath throughout the festival, including events and open street performances, it culminated in a theatrical performance in the festival's main venue. Inspired by the carnival styling of Nuvo punk band Split Enz and their penchant for carnival and circus-style, ridiculous love songs, the production offered a delightful blend of sexuality, romance, mockery, and outright naughtiness.


The performers exhilarated their audience, teasing and playing with a delicious mix of emotions throughout the festival. I took deep joy in creating this piece with the performers and felt immensely proud of its boldness, freshness, and invigorating nature. It was a wonderful time enjoyed by all, wooing hearts and winning over audiences.

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