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Stage Combat Certificate Course

Mon 21st - Wed 30 st November


Hosted by - Independant Drama

Dramatic Action Specialists - all the drama, none of the crisis

British Academy of Dramatic Combat - Standard (Accredited) Sword & Dagger, Unarmed and Knife Fighting.

An intensive course with students spending over forty hours learning to safely perform fight choreography in each of the three fight disciplines. Taught by an experienced acting method & meisner based acting coach, this course will focus heavily on acting skills and students will work on incorporating their fight choreography into dramatic scenes. Exploring topics such as relationships, character objective, fight rhythm and staging, actors will learn to create a fight where they are connected and truthful and as such engaging to an audience.

Specific exercises and experiences will be give in relationship building, physical communication and trust, as well as how to personalise complex movement and deepen your imaginary circumstances. Students will have the opportunity at the end of the course to certify with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat at Standard level in rapier & dagger, knife and unarmed combat. The test fee is included in the course price.

This is an eight-day course with no classes on the weekend.

Standard price: £385.00, Previous ID students £350.00, BADC/BASSC Members £350.00.

What People Have Said -

"Lawrence is awesome. He's fun, charismatic, full of energy, very inspiring and really funny, I have learnt a phenomenal amount working with him..." - John Kelley, Actor

"I am always reassured when I see Lawrence in the rehearsal room. Many other physical directors are good but I think he is unique. ... a powerful dramatic sense and know the effect the text wants to create, and he knows how to achieve it." - Edward Bond, British Playwright & Director

"Lawrence is as bold as he is sensitive. His intuitive teaching style means that whatever you're learning from him is organic and a direct response from what's happening around him. He has an innate ability to deliver exceptional levels of stage craft ...Specifically for me it was a joy to find out what matters most... trusting your body and Lawrence to guide you to letting go, turning your impulses into fully realized moments and feeling physically liberated!" - Kim Hardy, Actor

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