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Shakespeare in Action!

Action based characters to drive brave performance, depth and boldness of physicality and vocal character. Create impulsive behaviour that to surprises yourself and your audience.

Shakespeare’s characters were not designed to be forgettable! Strap yourself in and learn how to power-up your acting

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Sunday, 15 April 2018

10:00 - 17:00



What People Have Said -

"Lawrence is awesome. He's fun, charismatic, full of energy, very inspiring and really funny, I have learnt a phenomenal amount working with him..." - John Kelley, Actor

"I am always reassured when I see Lawrence in the rehearsal room. Many other physical directors are good but I think he is unique. ... a powerful dramatic sense and know the effect the text wants to create, and he knows how to achieve it." - Edward Bond, British Playwright & Director

"Lawrence is as bold as he is sensitive. His intuitive teaching style means that whatever you're learning from him is organic and a direct response from what's happening around him. He has an innate ability to deliver exceptional levels of stage craft ...Specifically for me it was a joy to find out what matters most... trusting your body and Lawrence to guide you to letting go, turning your impulses into fully realized moments and feeling physically liberated!" - Kim Hardy, Actor

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